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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Rock Bottom is more than a group; it's more like a family! It's where I found Christ-centered support when I was fairly new in recovery. RBRS was the added accountability I needed to continue moving forward. Most importantly, it provided me with many opportunities to share what Jesus had done in my life. We are just real people who found grace and mercy and freedom, and we want to help others do the same. It's been awesome to be a part of a group of people who have been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and are now using their stories to be a light for others who are still in darkness.

- Jordan Lingerfelt


About Us

Rock Bottom Recovery is an open support group for anyone in recovery from Substance Use Disorder or still struggling with Substance Use Disorder, as well as the families that have been touched by addiction.

Man celebrating with fists in the air in the sunrise


To give help to the ones that feel helpless

To give hope to the ones that feel hopeless

To love the ones that feel unloved 

There is hope.

Our foundation and only higher power is Jesus Christ.

We welcome anyone. No matter what your beliefs, we are here to walk together to recovery without judgement.


Rock Bottom Recovery is led by Stacie Ledford.


We also have a fantastic Board of Directors helping lead our initiatives, plus a Junior Board of Directors who are actively involved in our efforts to extend our outreach to area youth.

Headshot of Stacie Ledford, Director of Rock Bottom Recovery & Support


Meetings are every Monday night

7:00 - 8:00 pm


Senior Center

196 Ritter Road

Hayesville, NC 28904



Our generous donors help us continue to impact lives of individuals & families in our community.

Currently, our goal for is to raise funds to provide a salary for our Director, Stacie Ledford, to compensate her for the incredible work she is doing in supporting and working tirelessly to change the trajectory of those in the throes of addiction in our communities. 


If you're looking for a support group for addiction then Rock Bottom Recovery And Support is the place to come! I was 9 years in my Recovery when Stacie reached out to me to give my Recovery testimony.  I've not left since! It helps gives me accountability & support when life throws me curve balls and sets off triggers! Rock Bottom gives you Love but it also gives you truth and we all know we need that even when we don't want to hear it! But my favorite is it's faith based , because without Jesus I wouldn't be here and through his love for me I'm able to share that and what Recovery has done for me with the help of Rock Bottom. ♥️

- Carol Barnard

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